Knives have always been a fascination for me. The first knives I made were as a kid in the 60’s and were made from old files and saw blades. The quality and craftsmanship have improved over the years, but the underlying concept of ‘Affordable Functionality’ has not. Knives are meant to be carried and used daily, not set in a showcase because they were too expensive and too pretty to be used as the tool that they are.

My goal is to make custom handcrafted knives affordable for the average person. Each and every knife is hand crafted by me, one at a time. Each is a work of art and functionally. They are guaranteed for life (so long as it has not been abused and/or neglected). I have also handcraft the sheaths to go with them.

In the menu above there is a link to the Knife Gallery page. As you view the knives, you can click on each one and it will take you to the blog post page that knife is on where you will find a full description of it (Composition and materials used, etc.). The PuP series was presented in 3 separate posts, so the links for knives 1 – 4 are on one page, 5 – 7 on another and 8 – 10 on the final page describing additions to that series. All other knives were custom commissions and as such have a page of their own.

You can order your own custom knife by emailing me at moondogknives at outlook dot com. I accept PayPal, Zelle, Google Pay, and Venmo and require a 50% deposit on all orders. Approximate wait time on order fulfillment is one month as each knife is individually built.

3 thoughts on “MoonDogKnives

  1. Hey there brother, did you have any photos of knives that you have made so far?? I would really like to see what types you have. Folding knife or 6 inch in a sheath. This is Greg. I am excited t see what you can come up with.


    1. Each blog article is accompanied by images of the knives discussed or featured in it. These are not ALL my knives or ALL my designs. Just those I have put up for sale or custom designed for clients. I look forward to speaking with you and designing YOUR knife! Not just A knife.


  2. This is a comment left on FB after I commented on a pic of a knife Terry had refurbished and made a custom sheath for being used as size comparison to a big cat track he had come across: …that old thing… use to be a rusted piece of crap I found stuck in this tree out hiking. I took it to an amazing friend who put some love to it. Went from trash to a forever knife. I love Terry’s work. And his prices are amazing. I’ve never gotten such quality work done for the pricing he gives me. Love you guys..thank you!


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