The Christie Cutter


What do you give a woman who has saved your life? The Christie Cutter is one man’s answer to that question. His heart surgeon is not only a superb thoracic and heart surgeon but a woman with children and a very active lifestyle. He wanted to give her a knife that would be as special as she is and that would give her years of use and enjoyment.

The blade on this knife is full tang 416 fold Damascus heat treated to 58-60 RC so it is a strong blade as well as a beautiful one. There are 3 different steels (5160, 203E 52100, 15n20 for those of you who know steel) used to create this type of blade and it is so expensive it is sold by the inch, whereas most blade steel is sold by the foot. The blade is 2 1/2” flat ground and as already stated, full tang. It is 1/8” thick and 11/16” wide.

The handle is unusual in that it is camel bone, dyed green to emulate the look of jade! The person who commissioned it originally wanted a malachite handle, but after researching the properties of that stone, I was convinced it was not a good choice for a knife that will be used regularly. A strictly show piece? Maybe. A working knife? Nope!

The liner is two layered, one green and one cinnamon, of G-10 resin impregnated fiber.

It has a copper guard and pins.

The sheath is made of stamped and dyed cow leather with braided cord lacing and brass rivets.

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